Molly & Aaron Favorite Online Business Tools:

  1. Kajabi: 
    our website, blog, sales pages, checkout pages, webinar funnels, opt in funnels, freebies, CRM, emails - literally everythingggggg. We used to have to pay $2,000/MONTH doing all this stuff through separate softwares and Kajabi is only $150/mo AND if you use our link you get 30 days free. 

  2. Meet Edgar:
    How we not just schedule but AUTOMATE all of our fb, IG, twitter and linked in social media. This link gets you $10 off your account per month for the lifetime you're a customer.

  3. Tailwind:
    How we schedule and automate our pinterest pins for massive amounts of organic traffic. This link gets you your first month free.
  4. Canva:
    What we use to create all of our graphics from templates online for free. No need for expensive designers anymore! At least when getting started :) This gets you a free canva account.

  5. Trello:
    How we do all of our forward planning, projects, tasks and more.

  6. Help Scout:
    Tool we use for top notch customer service so we can have quick response ready made templates and a customer service searchable database.

  7. Zoom:
    What we use for webinars.

  8. Stripe:
    What we use to take payments online.

  9. Google Drive:
    What we use to organize and host all of our files online.

  10. Google Domains:
    What we use to purchase our website domain names. They throw in privacy options for free that other domain providers charge $12 a year for.

  11. Mint Mobile:
    Our cell phone provider. We went from paying over $200/mo with TMobile to $25 a line with Mint Mobile.

  12. Anchor:
    The app we use to record and schedule podcasts on the fly. It also publishes it to every platform for you. This tool is such a time saver and makes podcasting super easy.

  13. Rev:
    What we use to transcribe audio files into written documents.

  14. Full Focus Planner: 
    This is the planner I use to plan out my days, couldn't live without it.