Finally, A Proven Roadmap To Quickly Identifying A Course idea, Getting Paid To Validate It BEFORE You Create It... And Then Turning It Into A Profitable Course That Gets You The Time, Money And Freedom You've Always Wanted!

This is the only course that gets you to build momentum and confidence fast, using no-cost organic methods that make you profitable from DAY ONE, and allows you to build a course and get awesome customers consistently!


Hi! I'm Molly Keyser...

...and if you're tired of trading time for money, and you want to create an online course that brings you an extra stream of passive income, then read every word on this page because I'm going to show you exactly HOW to do it...

See over the past 6 years, I've made 7 million dollars selling online courses.

I've also helped thousands of business owners from all over the world (including the US, Norway, Mexico, Canada, all over Asia, and Europe) go from zero to 6 figures in record time.

But it wasn't always like this...

See I used to be just like you. I used to be hard-working service provider (a photographer, actually) and I'd work myself to exhaustion.

I spent YEARS building up my business, constantly grinding to bring in new clients, delivering my service, making money ... but for what?

The more clients I brought in only meant more time that I had to spend on the business.

I was trading time for dollars and no matter what I did, it was always more work.

Work, Work, Work... 

I missed out on spending time with my husband, with my family, and friends. And my business kept me tied down in a small freezing town of Wisconsin. 

I love that place, but gosh it's freaking cold!

Then one day, at a conference for my photography business, I met a woman who told me about online courses. 

She told me that she started a course, and within a few months, was able to replace her full-time job and side hustle with just the enrollments she was getting for her online course.  

Immediately, I was sold!

So, I did my research, and got a course to teach me how to do this stuff. 

The gurus told me to build an audience first. So, I got to work and blogged for a full year. 

Then I got some followers and launched my course. Here's what it took:

  • Web hosting: $14.99 month
  • Email marketing software: $298 per moth
  • Course hosting: $159
  • Zoom licensing: $400 per year
  • Copywriter: $5,000
  • Plus, a graphic designer... all totally "normal" stuff  

In the end I spent $9,215, just adding up the first month costs, not counting a full year.

Oh, I also spent $2k on Facebook Ads.

When I launched, I got 7 sales @ $997 each. It was kind of cool; I made about $7,000! 

But then it hit me like a ton of bricks

Because considering I paid $9,215 get my course up and running + $2,000 on Facebook Ads...

Making just $7,000 after a year of hard work meant I lost money!

The reason why?

Because I had created a course in a unique niche that almost nobody wanted to buy! 

It was the biggest disappointment of my life!

But I didn't let it stop me...

That's when I remembered: How you do one thing is how you do everything. 

So I took the strategies that worked really well in my other business, and applied them in my second online course attempt. 

This time... 

I Needed To Prove My Course Was Profitable! 


... Before I created the course.  
... Before I invested thousands of dollars again!

That's why I used my...

How did it work?

I created a Facebook Group and invited my photography friends/followers.

I then tested my idea by making a post and inviting people to comment if they were interested in my new course.

(Mind you, I didn't have my course created yet.)

Turns out I got a lot of interest in my idea. And after private messaging the interested people...
I Sold $70,000 Worth Of Course
Enrollments In Just 7 Days!
Can you imagine? I was so excited! My favorite part was that I did this without spending a dime on ads or any kind of software.

In fact, I did it without spending any money at all:

All I used was Facebook Groups, which anyone can create absolutely free.

I told my students that I'd host the class live in a few weeks. (I did that to give me time to prepare my curriculum.)

And when the time came, I taught my course live inside of a private Facebook group only for buyers, and it was a huge success!

… People loved it because they got to ask questions and get direct help from me. Also, because I helped them get the results they wanted!

I later took that same course to making 2 million dollars per year using my Profitable Live Lessons Formula.

(The same one I teach inside of my course, Profitable Courses, by the way)

But I hear you. You might be thinking...
“Didn't you already have lots of followers?”
And you'd be right!

So, in order to prove that my methods work even if you have NO audience, I started another course.

That was in April of this year. 

Yes, During The Height
Of The COVID Pandemic!

This time, I chose a brand-new niche that I'd never worked with before.

This time, I had no followers at all. ZERO.

But I was determined to prove my methods!

That’s why I used my Profitable Kickstarter Method again.

And this time...
I Made $16,500 Within 30 Days!
Again, with just my idea, no course created yet (and WITHOUT spending any money on ads, equipment or software … and with no starting audience!)

Once again, I followed the same system:

I just used totally-free-to-create Facebook Groups and private messages to attract and enroll students... 

I told my students I'd deliver the course live in a few weeks... 

And when the time came, I taught it live, and my students loved it! 
And My Life Completely Changed... 
By creating a profitable course, testing it by getting paid before I created it, and then scaling it...

I've been able to travel the world 3 months out of the year! (My favorite places I’ve been to so far are Santorini, Istanbul, and Prague.)
And one of best parts, I believe, is that people still buy my course, they learn and get real results on their own (without me having to teach them one-on-one) WHILE I'm traveling the world! 

... So, I still make money on autopilot, even when I'm not working

… Talk about freedom!

I've also been able to pay off my all of my debt including: $160,000 worth of student loans, CC debt, car debt, and medical debt.
Plus, I was been able to move my husband and I out of freezing Wisconsin and into a half million-dollar house in sunny Austin, Texas!
Oh, and your spouse is going love this...

All of this time, money, and freedom has allowed my husband to quit his day job and come have fun with me instead!
The result: Our relationship is super solid, and we're happier than we've ever been before. It really is an amazing feeling!


Would you like me to walk you step-by-step, and show you how to do this stuff yourself?...

Introducing Profitable Courses

Here's the course breakdown so you can see exactly what it will do for you....

Let's set you up for success! 

  • Do you want an online course that not only makes you real money, but also provides you the freedom to spend more quality time with your family, travel the world, and live the kind of life you've always wanted? … 

  • The key lies in mindset, setting your intentions early, and doing the strategic planning needed to get you there. Get this right, and everything else becomes WAY easier. (I'll show you how to do it!)

  • I'll also show you how to confidently overcome any doubts you have + how to be resilient! Because I won't lie to you. Your path won't be all flowers and sunshine. But get this right, and it will be fun and exciting. (You'll come out the other end stronger than ever!)   

  • This module is light and fast, but it's absolutely necessary for your success. Don't skip it, and thank me later.

Let's set your business up for success!

  • First things first, we'll nail down your course idea.

  • We'll do this by going through an easy system that will help you generate lots of great ideas that you'll be passionate about...

  • But the most important thing is to pick one idea that you might enjoy, and to then do a fast, preliminary validation. (I’ll show you how) We want you to have the best chance of success with your course, that’s why preliminary validation is crucial!

  • I'll also show you how to quickly and painlessly: set up your business legally, get the few pieces of super simple tech you need, and how to do your own branding. (You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple this stuff is!)

  • … The name of the game is: Be light, spend as little money as possible, and get this stuff set up fast. (I’ll give you the step-by-steps for everything!)

Get paid to test your course idea!

Nobody has time to blog for a year, spend thousands of dollars to create a beautiful course, to then do a "hope and wish" launch that only gets you crickets and no customers! Instead... 
  • I'll show you how to get paid to test your course idea and bring in your first customers BEFORE you create any content! (Free and organically - and WITHOUT spending any money on ads or promotions!)

  • So, you'll learn how to create a Facebook group and fill it with your ideal customers. (Qality over quantity!) You don't need thousands of people in your Facebook Group, 100-200 of your ideal customers are more than enough to start!

  • Then, you'll learn how to get your ideal customers to ASK YOU to learn more about your course. After that, you'll enroll your first customers in your PJ's over private message! (I'll give you the step-by-step, word-for-word script on how to do this.) 

  • Once you sell in your first customers with ONLY your idea (no course content), your confidence will soar because you'll KNOW that you have a winning, profitable course idea!

  • I'll also show you how to quickly create a bullet-point outline for your course curriculum so that you can deliver it in the near future. This is the ONLY thing you need at this point! (And yes, of course, we'll build your full course out later.)

  • BONUS: Learn how to build and grow your email list exponentially using totally free methods! This is the most important business asset you'll ever have because it allows you to sell your course on the fly whenever you want!   

Deliver your course to your first customers!

No previously recorded videos or content, no course hosting software, and no money needed!
  • You'll delivery your first course by going LIVE inside of a members-only Facebook group that only your paid customers will have access to. (I'll show you how to do and set this up, easy!)

  • I'll also show you how to teach your course in a way that has the most impact on your customers. Do you want your customers to have success? This is how you do it! (You'll need only the outline you created in the previous module. And you'll simply teach live using this surprisingly simple, straightforward method!) 

  • … Are you nervous? Don't be! Your customers don't care about how you look or whether or not you have fancy course videos, they just want results! The simpler the better. This module will show you exactly how to get that to them so that your course is a huge success!

  • Plus, your first round of students will LOVE that you're teaching live because they'll get to ask you questions and get immediate one-on-one help from you! …  

  • And … you’ll love this too because you'll get lots of testimonials to help you sell your course even easier in the future (social proof, baby!). Of course, I'll show you my proven methods to get lots of testimonials! 

… And now that you have actual proof that your course sells and that people love it, it’s time to...

Create your final "perfect" course!

I say "perfect" in quotes because your course will never actually be perfect. You'll always be making it better and better as you learn what your customers want and need. And that's part of the fun! ...  
  • So, first, you’ll learn how to take what you've learned teaching your course live - and then quickly transition it to your "final" course curriculum. It shouldn't be too different; you'll just add and edit a few things to make it the best course possible for your students’ success.  

  • Then I'll show you how to record and edit your course videos. (Nowadays this is super easy because your phone has great quality video recording abilities, and editing software too - which is all you need!) You’ll get the no-cost, low-tech, and simpler-than-you-can-imagine details and instructions! 

  • And IF you want to pro-level high quality video/audio, I’ll show you what you need and how to do that as well. (Not needed, but if you want it, you have the option available :)

  • And last, I'll show you how to get a 28-day free trail of my favorite course hosting software.  I highly recommend it because it's super easy to use, and extremely cost effective. (Plus, you'll have already made more than enough to pay for this in the previous modules - that's how this course is designed! Minimize the risk!

Notice how you’ll only build your full course after it’s been proven. And next...  

Now it's time to scale!

Would you like to make six figures or more per year selling your online course?
  • The most effective and time-tested way to do this is to use my one-to-many selling system: Profitable Live Lessons! (When I finally learned how to do this -- that’s when I finally got to 2 million dollars per year!) You’ll get this ready-made, proven method so you can sell at scale fast... 

  • These Profitable Live Lessons are the ultimate fun and non-salesy way to give your prospects some value (lots of them at the same time) ... and also invites them to join your course in a way that gets lots of them to actually enroll in your course... all at the same time! 

  • I'll show you how to create this lesson. I'll even give you the almost mad-lib style slides where you can just follow along, and plug in your content. It's all already strategically laid out using non-saelsy strategies that are proven to get people to pull the trigger and buy.

  • Want to make your Live Lesson pretty? I'll show you how to do that too. Quickly and with zero dollars!

  • Plus, you'll learn how to get loads of people to sign-up for your Live Lesson, and how and where to host it. Do you like simple, step-by-step instructions? I'll give them to you for this too!
Hey! Want to pick up extra sales? Just send out reminder emails to get them to show up to the live lesson + follow up emails to encourage them buy. You'll get templates and proven examples to make this as easy as humanly possible for you :) Now...

How this course works... 

Profitable Courses is a self-study program that you can go through at your own pace.

That means modules DON'T open up one week at a time.

Instead, they open up to you as soon as you're finished with the steps in the previous module. That way you can go as fast or as slowly as you want.

You get Instant Access to everything you've seen on this page, and because you also get Lifetime Access, that means you can pause and restart later if you need to.

And get this...

Profitable Courses is designed specifically to get you to finally TAKE ACTION on making your online course dreams come true!

Because like everything else in life, this course won't work unless you work it!

And that's my specialty: to get people to take action and get results!

And in order to make that as easy as possible for you...

Each module is broken up into short video instructions that are fun and easy to follow along with. Plus, I give you all the SOP's.

What in the world are SOP's?????

SOP's are super simplified step-by-step instructions that anyone can take action with.

... You'll get these for everything you need to take action on.

Best part, if you can open a Gmail account by following step-by-step instructions, you can do all the steps in this course. It's as simple as that.

Want to build a profitable course and get the freedom you've always wanted?


Here's Everything You're Getting
When You Join Today:

Profitable Courses System
($3,000 Value)

This is the same course that you just read about above. I've valued it at $3,000 because I've gathered the stats, and the average member makes at least $3,000 within 30 days of joining this course. You'll learn how to get a profitable course idea, get paid to test your idea, start getting buyers, build a great course, and how to scale it. 
It's your ideal system to quickly and confidently make yourself an additional source of passive income while helping a lot more people vs helping them one-on-one. (With free organic methods, and without paying for ads, without blogging for a year, and without risking thousands of dollars just to see if your course sells)

Course Idea Directory + Test Script ($500 Value)

Don't have a course idea yet? No problem. Profitable Courses will help you come up with one, but if you still can't, I've got lots of profitable ideas in this directory. Just pick one and run with it.
...and if you already have your course idea, great! We'll help you get paid up front to test it and ensure it's a profitable idea before you waste any time or money!

Group Grow Formula + Templates ($397 Value)

This is the exact system for starting and filling your Facebook Group with ideal customers. You don't need many to start (I made close to $17,000 with just 200 people in my group).

But the more ideal clients you have in your group, the more money you're going to make. Use this system to start a new following or grow your current following, while growing your bank account.

PM Sales Formula + PM Sales Script ($1320 Value)

The PM Sales Formula gets your ideal clients to raise their hands and say: "I want you to message me about your course!" Then use the PM Sales Script to get them to buy your course without being salesy or slimy. This will build your confidence fast, and it's how you get paid to test your course with just your idea. No course content or videos required!

I'll give you the word-for-word scripts, example screenshot conversations, and even how to handle people's objections'!

What's great is that you can do this over and over and over and over. There is No limit to how many times you can do this. That’s why you can get customers this easy way all the time.

Profitable One to Many Selling System
($5,000 Value)

Once you've tested and proven your course, it's now time to start getting lots more buyers faster. This system gives you the exact slides to use. Just fill in the blanks and you've got a Profitable Live Lesson sales-scaling system ready to go!

I'm valuing this at $5,000 because that's a what private coaching clients paid me just to learn this system. ...and one of my clients, in her first Live Lesson, she sold 5 members at $1997 each making herself $9,985.

Do your live lesson over and over to continue making money predictably and consistently. It's the only sales and marketing system you need to get you to 6 figures and beyond. (Yes, it’s the same system that got me to 2 million dollars per year.)

Profitable Courses Community + Q&A
($1,320 Value)

This exclusive Facebook group gives you access to all of our members so you can ask and answer questions, give each other support, feedback, and bounce ideas off of each other. It's a vibrant community and I'm in there helping people out as well. 
Plus, get 24/7 Messenger Q&A support. Send us your questions, and we've got your answers. Ask anything! There are no stupid questions. I want you to succeed!

Why? Because my success depends on your success. So, let's all do this together!


How And When To Hire FB Ads Agency with Jessica Walman ($350 Value)

Once you've validated your course, made sure it's profitable, and start getting consistent sales rolling in, you might want to scale even more by doing Facebook Ads.

But learning to run successful Facebook ads is hard, complicated, and time-consuming. I don't recommend you to do it on your own, instead, just pay an agency to do it for you, and grow your course exponentially faster. Jessica shows you in this video how and when to hire an ads agency. Valued at $335 because that's what she per hour for coaching.

How to Hire Your First Team Member with Lara LaSala ($249 Value)

Virtual assistants are a great choice to get stuff off of your plate in case you want even MORE freedom. Or to get other people to do the stuff you don't like to do.

Lara La Sala will teach you what to do so that your assistant performs at the exact high-level you want them to. You'll also learn when to hire, where to get applicants from, and how to interview them so that you get an amazing match!

Emails That Convert: 5 Steps To Writing Copy That Converts with Alyson Lex ($150 Value)

Want to boost your sales even higher? Use these 5 simple steps to write emails (and anything else) that converts people from lookers to buyers. Alyson was the director of marketing for Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy, literally some of the best direct response copywriters in. the. world! And she gives you a 5-step formula for writing anything you want. Follow it and boost your sales!

Tips for High Converting Webinars with Anton Volney ($1500 Value)

I paid Anton Volney $1,500 to give me tips for MY webinar (Live Lesson) because he writes for some of the most successful online marketers in the world. (Multimillionaires like Ramit Sethi, Neil Patel, and Tony Robbins!) And now he has agreed to give you his best and specific tips for tweaking your live lesson in order to get the most sales possible every time!

Top Instagram Tips with Jenna Kutcher
($500 Value)

On Instagram, you can attract lots of fans and followers quickly by using Jenna's easy and fun method. She should know, she has a million followers herself.

...And with her method, you'll not only create a follow-worthy brand, but also an extremely interesting feed that connects with your fans and earns you the ability to sell to them. When you're ready to generate an even BIGGER following of your ideal customer (and invite them to your Facebook group, email list ... and to buy your course) use this strategy!

Stop Procrastinating and Start Creating Momentum with Alex Charfen ($3,000 Value)

Do you ever feel stuck? We all do sometimes. But have you ever felt unstoppable? We all have before. Alex Chafren will show you how to create that feeling and that momentum for real and consistent progress and achievement
… And a simple way in order to make great things happen in your life. It's not difficult, you just have to know HOW to do it. Alex will show you the way.  

Sell Through Your Story #Story Selling Framework with Yara Golden ($1250 value)

Want to know why people will buy your course over everybody else? It's because of your unique story. Use your stories in your marketing to attract your ideal clients and sell WITHOUT being salesy. So, if you hate being salesy or slimy, this is for you!

INSTAGRAM Lead Generator Checklist
($600 Value)

Want to grow your following on Instagram? I'll never claim to be some crazy popular influencer who gets brand deals, etc. But what I do know about Instagram is how to grow the right following for your online course. In this Fast Action Bonus I'm sharing my top method for growing your engagement and following in IG fast.

I'm valuing this bonus at $600 because I get paid $660/hr for coaching. If you paid me personally to train you on IG, this is exactly what I'd teach you.

CLUBHOUSE Lead Generator Checklist
($600 Value)

Clubhouse has proven to be very lucrative for us with generating organic leads! It helped us enroll flocks of students when we were just getting started with this course. I've always found it's important to try newer social media because their algorithms can often times work in our favor!

I'm valuing this bonus at $600 because I get paid $660/hr for coaching. If you paid me to personally train you on Clubhouse this is exactly what I'd teach you.

Instagram Story Sales Canva Templates
($600 Value)

Instagram Stories is a great avenue to drive leads to join your group, email list, live lesson, purchase your course and more! These canva sales templates will save you loads of time and money.

I'm valuing this bonus at $600 because I get paid $660/hr for coaching. If you paid me to personally train you on Clubhouse this is exactly what I'd teach you.

IG Reels for Follower Growth Training
($600 Value)

If you want to grow on instagram, hands down, IG reels is where it's at. 

I've done dozens of reels and tiktoks and have built a very clear repeatable system for creating them. They are then used to grow our audience as well as using them for paid advertising content.

I'm valuing this bonus at $600 because I get paid $660/hr for coaching. If you paid me to personally train you on Clubhouse this is exactly what I'd teach you.

Group Coaching Call with Molly
($600 Value)

We know that "when people pay they pay attention" and in turn get even better results for themselves.
That's why if you pay in full you will get all three of our pay in full bonuses including this group coaching call with Molly. This is a great way to start Profitable Courses off on the right foot and get feedback directly from Molly. 

I'm valuing this bonus at $600 because I get paid $660/hr for coaching. If you paid me to personally train you on Clubhouse this is exactly what I'd teach you.

… That's a total value of $21,536

But I won't make you pay that much.

Other students have paid $1,997 for this course in the past. But I won’t make you pay that much either...

For a very limited time, because I really want to help you, I’ll give you 50% off.

That means you’ll only pay $997 OR 4 monthly payments of just $299.

… But this is a fast-action type of deal.

Which means you need to act now to get that price...

It's a steal! Get it now before your time runs out!

The 90 Days Conditional Guarantee  

You have 90 days
(3 whole months!) to give it a whirl. So, give it an honest try, use my templates, strategies, scripts, and step-by-step procedures... and if you show me that you did the work, and you didn't make any money, I'll give you a full refund. But you gotta show me you did the work.

I do this because I KNOW that if you do the work, you will end up with awesome online course that makes you money.

By the way, on average, my students make at least $3,000 with this course within the first 30 days joining. That's because they take action! 

… Listen, I want YOU to be my next success story. And if you're not a success, I don't deserve your money.

That's why I have this guarantee.

And that's why I give you all of the resources you could need... and that's why I make it as easy and as simple as possible.

So, now that you know that you really do have ZERO risk, join today and get on a direct path to freedom and passive income...

Try Profitable Courses now with ZERO RISK and an incredible guarantee!


Now you might be thinking...

Q. How much time do I need to invest in this program / my online course?

You might be thinking, how can I make this happen if I have a full-time business, job, and spouse and kids?

Well, let's talk about that. In order to really go through this program, the way it's meant to be, all you need is 5 hours per week.

Depending on how you block out that time, that's less than 1 hour per day.

Just 1 hour. If you can find just 1 hour per day to find your course idea, validate it by getting paid BEFORE you build it, start enrolling students, build it, and then scale it, then that's all you need.

Just 1 hour. If you don't have 1 hour per day right now, how can you make that happen?

Can you cut back on social media, Netflix, or something else that’s not really serving your goals to finally, once and for all create and sell a profitable course - and start creating the passive income, time, and freedom that you and your family deserve?

If you're really serious about reaching your goals for yourself and your family --and I know you are or else you wouldn't still be reading this-- then I KNOW you can.

You can find just 1 hour from somewhere to validate your idea, start getting enrollments, build a great course, and scale it to 6 figures or more.

And that's just until you prove your course and start getting consistent sales. After that, you can choose to automate the process.

But if you're not willing to block out just 1 hour per day from SOMEWHRE, then Profitable Courses is definitely not for you, and you shouldn't enroll.

And if you are willing all you need a 1-hour commitment per day to make your dreams come true.

Plus, I'll GIVE you my Profitable Planning System (bonus #14 above) so that organization, planning, action-taking, and consistency become a non-issue :)

So, if you are committed (and you realize that you can get all the help you need) then yes, definitely enroll now....

Q. What if I'm not very techie?

The great news is that this program uses a no-tech way to get your course off the ground, and start helping students!

If you can use Facebook, sign up for a PayPal Account, and get a Gmail account, that's all you need.

That's all you need to test your course idea, get paid, and deliver your lessons to your first customers.

After that, there are a few other pieces of software you need to scale. Mostly free or super cost effective and VERY easy to use.

...But you'll only need them after you've validated your course and have started getting sales.

Either way, I'll give you the simple and easy to follow step-by-step process to set all of this stuff up.

And to be clear: If you can follow super simplified step-by-step instructions clearly laid out for you (included in the course), you'll be totally fine.   

If you're committed, literally anyone can do this. Including you. And you'll get all the help you need.

So, don't be scared because we've got you!

Being non-technical is a non-issue because I've broken everything down into super simple steps.

So, go ahead. Enroll now...

Q. But what if I have no course idea?

No idea, no problem! In Module 2, I'll show you HOW to come up with a profitable course idea that you're passionate about (and how to validate it too!) 😊

And if you still need more help, just take an idea from my Profitable Course Idea Directory (included with in the course).

One of the biggest reasons holding people back is that they just have too many ideas. Too many options.

The key is to just pick ONE idea that you might enjoy, and quickly test it. And if turns out to prove profitable, run with it.

Just be decisive and have focus. If a course idea helps people and solves a problem, it CAN be profitable.

... And Profitable Courses will help you pick an idea, validate it (by getting people to pay you with their dollars) before you create it, create the course, and get lots of people to buy it consistently.

All so that you can generate an additional stream of passive income to get the freedom you're looking for.

If that sounds good to you, enroll now...

Q. What if my idea isn’t very unique?

I too thought that having a unique idea was key.

One day I crated a unique course that nobody had done before, and long story short, I spent $10,000 creating and promoting it, and it was a total flop.

... I lost money!

Then my mentor, Russel Bruson, told me that the people who create unique courses are the pioneers with arrows in their backs.

Why? Because having a unique course is a total risk! Because you don't know if it's profitable or not... 

That's why you need an idea that's already been done, that's already proven!

An idea that's already profitable!

So, if your idea has already been done before, good! Congratulations! That's exactly what you need!

You're already on the right track. You just need take the next step. And I can show you how to do that...

Q. How will I stand out if my course is the same or similar to what's already out there?

You might be thinking, why would anybody buy my course if there is already some big-name guru already doing it?

The answer is: your course will stand out because of YOU.

You are you, you are different, the way you teach is different, and your story is different.

People will buy your course because they resonate with you. Because they want to learn from you.

That's why there’s Apple and Microsoft. Mcdonalds and Burger King and Taco Bell. Netflix and Prime and Vudu and Disney Plus.

… I could go on and on. The point is... 

Take your piece of the pie because there is room for everybody out there! Join now...

Q. What if I'm not an expert? Or if I'm not successful enough? 

Another great question. The good news is that you don't need to be an expert. Or incredibly successful...

You just need to know 10% more than those who you're teaching.

For example, if you can keep a garden alive, and the people you're teaching are killing theirs - that's all you need. 

Because people don't care about "expertise", or if you have degrees or credentials, or if you're making 100 million dollars... or if you not!

All they care about is if you can get them the result they want.

All they care about is if you can solve their problem!

And even better...

By creating a course, that's HOW you become an expert!

I, for example, have no degrees or any kind of credentials. (I dropped out of college!)

... But as soon as I created a course and actually got people the results they wanted, that's how I became seen as an "expert".

And because of my course, people saw me as an “expert” and even paid me to speak at their events! That’s how powerful creating a course is!

Do you think that all of the big-name gurus out there started out as experts? No way!

They (and everybody else) just got started one day. And that's all you need: To get started.

So, remember this: You don't need to get good to get started, you need to get started to get good.

Let's get started right now because I want you help you!

Q. What if I or my business is just not ready quite yet?

Trust me, you'll never be "ready". Just jump in, do it anyway and thank me later.
"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin" -Tony Robbins

Q. Does my course need to help people make money?

The answer is clear: No

I know a woman that makes millions teaching people how to stop drinking. Her name is Annie Grace. You can look her up if you want to.

Other super successful niches include cooking, weight loss, painting, dance, book writing, self-help, relationships, and much, much more...

Even weird niches work. One of my students teaches women how to take sexy selfies!  
So of course, you can teach people how to make money, but don't have to. 

If your course idea solves a problem, and you can validate it, then you CAN make money.

That's why you should enroll now...

Q. What if I don't have the money, and can't afford it right now?

One of the things I'm most proud of is that every single student that actually logged in and did this program have all made, on average, at least $3,000 in their first 4 weeks.

Some have made $10-20K in 4 weeks as well.

The key is my Profitable Kickstarter Method. It's how you get paid to test your idea (with free, organic methods, and without paying for any software) BEFORE you build your course.

That's the reason why most people, if they're committed and actually do the work, get more than their investment back quickly.

So how can you afford NOT to join?

If you what you're doing now hasn't gotten you where you want to be...

How will doing more of that get you to build your course, start getting enrollments and put you on the path to six figures, passive income and more?

That’s why you need to do something different. You need to take the leap. You need to invest in yourself. That’s how you pivot, take it to the next level, and make your dreams come true.
Here's what I mean by that...
When I tried everything I possibly could to make a million dollars with online courses, I made the decision to join a $25,000 mastermind.

Yes, I was nervous as hell but made the decision anyway and maxed out my credit cards. And it changed my life.  

How? I said to myself, "Now that I've paid $25,000, I better listen up and do exactly what they tell me to do!"

It put a fire under my ass, and that's how I made my first million dollars quickly and I never looked back. (Yup, I’ll teach you how I did that as well)

Lesson: Investing in yourself is what's going to put that fire inside of you. It's what's going to get you to actually put in the work to make more than your investment back quickly, and put you on a path to a very profitable business.

But don't just take it from me.

Here's an example from one of my students of what can happen to you when you take the leap and join today...
Your time is now. You can do it, and I can help you! So, join now and let's do this together...

Q. Will Profitable Courses help me build my course?

Yes, absolutely! 
Here's a just few examples students being able to build and sell a course fairly quickly with Profitable Courses...

Q. What if I'm just not confident enough?

Over the years, I've learned that if I'm not confident, it's just anxiety because I'm afraid to fail.

So, I'm going to give it to you straight. This is really important for you to understand:

You are going to fail; you will make mistakes. But you're not alone in that boat.

Everybody does!

I fail at what I’m trying to do and make mistakes every single day! My students do too. It's called learning. And it's called life.

Whenever you fail, simply learn from your mistakes, adjust and move forward. It's that simple.

And you want to know how to gain confidence?

You won't gain confidence by reading about building and selling courses. You'll get confident by actually doing it.

When you get your first paying customer, believe me, it'll give you huge rush of confidence and give you the natural momentum to move forward. 

(And of course, I’ll show you how to get your first paying customers quickly in this course)

So, let's flip the script. You don't need to start out being super confident.

You just need to get started. That's how you get good, that's how you get confident, and that's how you win.

Are you ready to gain confidence and start enrolling students? Join now...


Q. Do I need to finish my course before I enroll?

No, that's actually the opposite of how you should be doing it.

Why? Because you'd be building something that you don't know if it will sell or not. You’d be risking time and money.

What you need to do instead is make sure that your course is profitable first.

Here's generally how it works (and what I'll teach you) ...
  • First, you take your idea and build an offer around it. It doesn't mean that you create your course, it just means that you'll do a quick outline of what will be in the course.
  • Second, I'll show you how to create a free Facebook group and fill it with about 100 or so people that are your ideal customers. 
  • Third, I'll show you how to make a post asking if anybody is interested. And how to get people to raise their hand to ask you to tell them about it. 
  • Fourth, I'll show you how to private message those people and get them to invest in your course.
Now you might be asking... Won’t people not enroll because I don't have a finished, polished course yet???
The answer is no. If you have a good offer --which I teach-- people want to get with you to get that result. By the way, people love being in the first round of students because they get access to you + they get to ask questions and get feedback from you instantly. They LOVE this!)    
  • Fifth, I'll show you how to teach your course live inside a paid Facebook Group to your first paying students. (You don't need to have any previously created content. I'll show you a simple method to take your course outline and teach it live to your students, and get them amazing results.)

  • Sixth, I'll show you how to take the recordings from your live class, and turn it into an actual fully-built online course. It'll be even better because, having interacted with real students, you'll know exactly what to put in it to get your students success.   
  • Seventh, now that you've proven that your course sells, and actually created it, I'll show you how to scale it to six figures and beyond.

Q. Do I need a big audience/following before I enroll?

When I first started, I thought I needed big following too!

The gurus told me that I needed to have a podcast or a blog. So, I spent a year writing a blog and giving lots of value (without getting paid at all) before I launched my course.

I then launched my course, and it ended up begin a huge flop. I had spent all of this time and working hard, without getting paid, wishing and hoping and praying, and nothing happened.

I lost money. And pretty much wasted a year of my life. 

So, don't make my mistakes!

Don’t waste your time trying to get a big audience before you launch your course.

Prove that it's profitable first, get your first paying customers with a small audience (I'll show you how) ...
... and THEN grow your audience! (Of course, I'll show you how to do that too!)
Want to have a profitable course and a big following?

Q. Why start out with a Facebook Groups vs Facebook Ads, Instagram, or Pinterest? 

The reason why is because you need to focus. Put all of your energy into one avenue.

I've used all of the social media platforms, and have spent literally millions of dollars on Facebook ads.

And I can tell you that the fastest way to get success is by using free Facebook Groups. 

Why? Because sure, you can be successful with other platforms, but if you want to grow quickly, for free and organically, the best avenue is Facebook Groups.

And one of the biggest reasons why that is ... is because you can do something Facebook Groups that you can't do with the other platforms:

... and that's build an engaged COMMUNITY of your ideal customers.

You can then help and interact directly with them, and get them to buy your course!

(I'll show you how to build up a free Facebook group in 3 days, and start making money from that group in 1 to 4 days).

The biggest roadblock I see is that people think they need all of these different ways to get an audience, but they can't keep up!

It's too complicated. So, start with just ONE thing. The best and easiest and fastest ONE thing to start with is Facebook groups.

Now you might be thinking... I don't want to invite my friends and family into my Facebook group!

That's okay! You don't have to! I'll show you how to start and grow your Facebook group by inviting people from other places and other Facebook groups.

… It's an easy and organic way to grow your group with ONLY your ideal customers (and none of your friends and family).

You're gonna love it!

You might also be thinking... I've tried Facebook Groups before and they didn't do anything for me.

That doesn't mean Facebook Groups don't work.

You can do anything, but it won't work for you until you do it right.

I'll show you how to do it right, and how to get those people to buy your course. 
Ready to get started?

Q. Don't I need affiliates?

I've said it before and I'll say it again. What you need is focus.

Sure, you can have success with affiliates. But you don't need them to be successful.

I can show you how to get to six figures and beyond WITHOUT affiliates.

If you want to have affiliates in the future, do it later. But you've gotta walk before you can run...

You've got to prove your course without a doubt and get consistent sales first. (Yep, I’ll show you how to do that)

So, focus. Do the steps in Profitable Courses first. You don't need anything else. 
Want to get started the simplest, most risk-free way possible?  

Q. What if I hate sales?

Listen, there is no way around it. The success of your course completely depends on sales and marketing.

If you hate sales, you need to flip the script.

Here's how I think about it...

If I sell someone into my course, it's going to help them, and it's going to change their lives for the better.

So, by selling them, I'm doing them a service. I'm helping them get out of where they don't want to be, and putting them where they do want to be.

It's a beautiful thing to help people and it brings lots of joy and meaning into my life.

And it will for you too.

But in order to get people into your course and change their lives for the better, they NEED to be sold. 
You need to overcome their false beliefs, and overcome their objections in order to get them into your course and help them. 
Want to help a lot more people than you can right now? Join us! I'll show you how!

Q. Is now the right time to get into online courses? 

The answer is a resounding YES!
If you want to know why, here’s a direct quote from Forbes...
“E-Learning is the future. Market research firm Global Industry Analysts projected "E Learning" would reach $107 Billion in 2015 and it did. Now, Research and Markets forecasts show triple the revenue of 2015 -- e-learning will grow to $325 Billion by 2025.”  - Forbes
Plus, check this out...
… Google trends show that digital courses have been steadily growing since 2013!

Do you see how powerful and popular online courses are?

Do you see how NOW is the best time for your online course?

If you’ve been putting it off or kicking yourself for not getting started sooner don’t worry because you haven’t missed out - the time to get started is now!
But even with COVID on the rise?

Yes, I started this very course last April ... during the height of the pandemic!

And in a few days (and with absolutely no starting audience), I built my free Facebook group and filled it with about 200 of my ideal people.

With only those 200 people, I was able to bring in $16,500 with no paid ads, and even no course built yet. All within 30 days.

What would $16,500 in 30 days do for you? 

Want to learn the exactly to how I did that?

Q. But I don't know how to price my course!

No problem, I'll teach my best pricing strategies and show you exactly how to price your course inside of Profitable Courses.

In the end, you price your course however you want. But I'll share my recommendations with you right now …

When it comes to pricing a course, I recommend anything between $297 and $1997.

You can charge more depending on how valuable your course topic is (I'll help you figure it out).

But start out between $297-$1997 first, and then you can raise your prices more and more once you start getting people real results. (Yes, I’ll show you exactly how to do this in Profitable Courses)

And once your prospects see the results you're getting for people with your course, they will pay more.

The secret: The more testimonials you have, the more you can charge. (I'll show you a simple method to getting lots of testimonials!)
Want to get raving testimonials for your course?

Q. But what if I'm just not sure if I can do it...

I wasn’t sure if I could do it either.

But just as I was second guessing my ability to do this whole “online courses” thing, I came across a 14-year-old course creator named Caleb Maddix.

He created a course for other kids teaching them personal development and he had hundreds of amazing testimonials.

Not only that but today he’s 18 and has an EIGHT figure course business.

Yeah, seriously.
Then I ran across an 11-year-old named Emily Shai who created “The 5 Steps To A Perfect Sleepover” ...

A sleepover course, really? Yes, really. 

And then there’s 58-year-old Todd Snively who’s generated over $100,000,000 helping other businesses grow their teams.
The point is, it doesn’t matter if you think you’re too young, or too old.

Or if your course topic is strange.

Or if you look like this or if you look like that.

Or x or y or z.

… Literally the only thing that matters is if you can help people and solve their problems.

And if you can validate your course, you can make money. I’ll show you how...

Q. What To Do If You Still Need More Reassurance...

If you still need more reassurance, just take a look at some people just like you, who took a leap of faith, and are now succeeding with Profitable Courses...

Q. But what if x? What if y? What if Z?

Here's the thing...

If you're looking for ways to prove that this won't work for you...

If you're looking for ways to fail... You will!

That's why you've got to change your mindset.

Because if you're looking for ways to succeed...

If you say to yourself, "You know what, I've got this, I'm going to keep doing this until it works" - that's what the mindset you need. 
(By the way, I'm going to help you with mindset all throughout the course because it's super important)
Remember this: The only way to fail is to quit.
So, flip the script: If you're looking for ways and reasons to fail, you will. And if you're looking for ways and reasons to succeed, you will!
Are you ready to stop making excuses? Are you ready to start succeeding?

Read This If You’re Still Unsure...

Let's imagine a worst case scenario...

Let’s get real.

Let's say that you jump in and you actually do the steps, but it just doesn't work out for you.

You do the work and you don't make any sales and you don't make any money.

I think you and I can both agree that that's probably the worst thing that could happen.

In that case, take advantage of my 90-day money back guarantee...

Just show me that you did the work, but didn't make any sales. If that's the case, I'll give you a full refund.

Again, it'll be like it never happened.

Now let's imagine the best-case scenario...

First you jump in and excitedly start working the system.

Almost immediately, you find a course idea that you're passionate about. Where you can teach with the knowledge you already have.

You then validate/test your idea. You see real interest and people start paying you to join your course (even though you haven't created one single piece of content yet).

… With this you KNOW that your course is profitable!

You then teach your course live inside of Facebook confidently because you’re just following a simple, straightforward method that gets your students results.

(You do this without making any videos, and without paying for course hosting software. Totally free.)

… And your first students love your course because you're really helping them and they begin giving you lots glowing testimonials.

With this confidence that your course is selling and it's profitable, you then create your final course.

And then you decide you want to scale. 

So, you start doing Live Lessons and, with them, you start selling in a lot more people at once.

You do these Live Lessons over and over and you get lots of customers and money coming in consistently. You get to 6 figures and you and your family are super excited!
You're feeling great!

Plus, this allows you to travel the world, and pay off your debt.

You buy a new, beautiful house, and you get to spend a lot more time with your kids.

You can now even put them through private school if you want to...

You quit your day job or current business (if that’s what you want to). And you even get your spouse to quit their job too. Your relationships are flourishing...

Your kids are incredibly happy, they’re loving life, and they look up to you even more!

Plus, you're now able to give and donate and help wherever you want to.

This, combined with your new-found ability to help lots of people with your course + your ability to take care of your family the way you want to gives you even more fulfillment and meaning.   

That would be the best-case scenario. And it actually has happened to me personally, and to many of my students.

Isn't it worth to at least to at least try it out?

I really hope that you see the value in this because this can be life changing stuff we're talking about!

So, I encourage you, if you see even a glimpse of how this could be amazing for you, then enroll today.

Let's get started right now.

Remember, you're also getting bonus training videos, and all the support you need, and remember...

This is a limited time offer. So, let's do this. Click the button below now.

And let's get started right now...

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I recommend choosing the full-pay option because historically, full-pay members get the best results, the fastest. 

But whatever option you choose is fine with me...

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You'll then have Instant & Lifetime Access to everything you've seen on this page. And you'll be on a direct path to creating and selling your course, building a source of passive income, and created the freedom in your life that you've always wanted. 

Join now because enrollment ends very soon. And I'm not sure when I'll re-open the course again. 

If you don't, you'll still be where you are today. 

Another year without building your course. Another year without creating a separate solid stream of passive income. 

So, join now, do it for yourself, and do it for your family. Because you deserve it. 

Once enrollment ends, this offer is off the table, and you won't be able to get it, and not at this good of a price either. 

Success happens only for people who make the decision and take action. 

That’s why you need to click your favorite payment option below now, and let’s get started right now...



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  • Profitable One to Many Selling System
  • Profitable Courses Community + 24/7 Q&A
  • 7 Guest Expert Bonuses
  • 2 Fast Action Bonuses

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See you on the inside!
Molly Keyser

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Starting now will allow you to:

  • Start making moves towards earning passive income...

  • Get you closer to getting out of that 1:1 feast or famine business, that’s draining the life out of you...

  • And grow and scale an online courser that’s stable and, most importantly, enjoyable!

If you don’t act, nothing will change and you’ll be in the same exact spot you are now. Six months from now, you’ll wish you had started today!

So, let's do this right now. It'll be my honor to help you too …