How to Turn Your Passion into an Online Course That's Profitable from Day 1

(...even if you're unsure what to teach, don't have a following and you're short on time)


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Don't have a course idea or not sure if your idea will be successful?

Let me show you my "Profitable Idea Framework" so you can nail down your course idea, ensure it will be profitable and get your students crazy good results.

Think creating a course involves tons of time and expensive equipment?

Let me show you my "Post-It Power Hour Framework" so you can create your course curriculum in 1hr using post-it notes to get your course up and running ASAP

Don't have a big audience? Not sure how to enroll students into your course?

Learn my "Profitable Following Framework" and how I used it to grow a following from ZERO to $17,000 in course enrollments in 30 days

Heyo, I'm Molly!

I'm on a mission to help you create a profitable online course using the passion you already have...
...so you can create passive income online and help your ideal students achieve their goals.
I love to travel with my husband Aaron, hike with our dog franklin, try new adventures for Friday date nights & nerd out on all things online business.
I'm here to share with you what I've learned from growing my passion and knowledge into a 2 million dollar per year online education company, from just one course and how you can too!
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