How to launch a Course... Profitably

Step 1: Start with what works

If you have been following me for a while you know I’m a huge advocate for kickstarting your course first instead of launching.  Some people think that means I don’t like launching, I do!  I occasionally run launches myself!  But the difference between what I do and what some other “gurus” teach is I’ve already done my course kickstart before I do a launch.  So because of that kickstart I already had these vital components for my launch.

  1. I’ve already made money from my course so I know it sells
  2. I know what messaging works
  3. I have assets built up that I can repurpose for a launch. 
  4. I have a group of fans that I can build up for my launch

There is nothing worse than spending $10k and three months on a launch and losing all of that time and effort because nobody wants your course. It is a completely preventable problem!  Just make sure to Kickstart FIRST!  


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