How to Systematize Your Business

business online course sop Dec 21, 2021

When people first start building their online course business they think it will be a journey from A to Z.  A list of tasks that once they complete enough of them, they have a successful business.

When you first start out it does have that feeling to it. 

Step 1 Pick your course idea

Step 2 Test, 

Step 3 Kickstart, 

Step 4 launch, 

And so on. 

But what happens is you eventually hit a wall. Stuck and you don’t know what to do next because the list of tasks to do has already run out!

What you decide to do next is what makes or breaks your business.  Some people hit the wall and decide that it was a bad idea to start with and they need to start over with a different one. Others decide to take a few steps back and redo steps again. But a little better and a little different than last time based off what they learned the first time through. 

That first group usually just keeps feeling like they are spinning their wheels and getting...

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How to Kickstart your Online Course

kickstart online course Aug 15, 2021

Kickstarting your online course

You have finally decided that you are going to make the plunge and create an online course.  Congrats, that is the step people get hung up on the longest!

Before I get started laying out the steps you need to follow there is one caveat you need to know and keep in mind.  These steps are going to sound simple.  Which they are...

Now the question, “But if it is simple why doesn’t everyone do it?” might be floating around in your head right now…

The answer is that just because it is simple, does not mean it they are easy. It is hard work and you need to push yourself harder than you ever have to be successful. 

When I first decided to leave behind my two million a year boudoir course and make the switch to helping others build courses in their niches I kept running into walls.  I asked a friend of mine, Dan Henry, why my course wasn’t immediately selling like my last one did.  He responded...

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