How to Create Your Online Course in 60 Minutes

One of my favorite things to teach in my free trainings is how to create your online course in 60 minutes.   The most common excuse people give me about why their course isn’t created yet is that they feel overwhelmed.  Which makes sense.  You have  to film it, build it, produce it, write it, and it can all seem like a daunting task.

Well, good news, I got you!

My FIRST course cost me thousands of dollars and months of time to create… I wish I had this tutorial to help me back then because it would have saved me so much!

I thought I had to build up this absolutely perfect high quality course before I could take the next steps and start enrolling students.  If you have ever watched my free training you will know that the course did not go well.

I went through and built what I thought my audience wanted.  I took polls, surveys, emailed my list asking for feedback… I painstakingly created every lesson, filmed it in the highest quality...

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How I Created an Online Course that was Profitable from Day One.

How I Created an Online Course that was Profitable from Day One.

I’m Molly!  I’m super excited to share with you guys my top takeaways that helped me to grow a successful online course.  Because of that course I was able to do things that I never really thought were possible.

I was able to “retire” my husband from his job at a school district where he worked in the basement in a windowless server room. I traveled Europe for a month with some friends, I even brought my mom along for some of it!

Because I was able to grow my course to $2 million per year and make all this happen, I’m excited for you because I know the potential!

So get your pen and paper out because we are going to get to work. (This is a bit of a long post, so if you prefer to watch a free training that goes over the same stuff, check it out here)

So Why should you listen to me?

7 years ago I may have been in a place similar to where you are today.  I was a hustling...

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