How to launch a Course... Profitably

Step 1: Start with what works

If you have been following me for a while you know I’m a huge advocate for kickstarting your course first instead of launching.  Some people think that means I don’t like launching, I do!  I occasionally run launches myself!  But the difference between what I do and what some other “gurus” teach is I’ve already done my course kickstart before I do a launch.  So because of that kickstart I already had these vital components for my launch.

  1. I’ve already made money from my course so I know it sells
  2. I know what messaging works
  3. I have assets built up that I can repurpose for a launch. 
  4. I have a group of fans that I can build up for my launch

There is nothing worse than spending $10k and three months on a launch and losing all of that time and effort because nobody wants your course. It is a completely preventable problem!  Just make sure to Kickstart FIRST!  


I learned that...

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How I Created an Online Course that was Profitable from Day One.

How I Created an Online Course that was Profitable from Day One.

I’m Molly!  I’m super excited to share with you guys my top takeaways that helped me to grow a successful online course.  Because of that course I was able to do things that I never really thought were possible.

I was able to “retire” my husband from his job at a school district where he worked in the basement in a windowless server room. I traveled Europe for a month with some friends, I even brought my mom along for some of it!

Because I was able to grow my course to $2 million per year and make all this happen, I’m excited for you because I know the potential!

So get your pen and paper out because we are going to get to work. (This is a bit of a long post, so if you prefer to watch a free training that goes over the same stuff, check it out here)

So Why should you listen to me?

7 years ago I may have been in a place similar to where you are today.  I was a hustling...

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Courses vs Memberships

Have you been wanting to create a digital product, but you're not sure if you should create a membership, a course, a mastermind, a tiny offer, an ebook, a mini course, you name it. You're like, I don't know which one to do. Well, don't worry. I have your back. Because over the last five years, I grew an online digital product business to $2 million per year in a small, weird niche. And I still remember being super overwhelmed and really struggling with, you know, all the different options out there and like which digital products should I actually create. I was really, really overwhelmed by all the options. The people who had memberships told me memberships were the best. So people who had courses, so many courses were the best people who had masterminds to help me mastermind was the best. And yeah, I totally feel you. So yeah, I totally feel you and don't worry, you, you can stop stressing because by the end of this article, you will know exactly which type of product is best for...

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