Best Online Course Platform

Have you been wanting to create an online course, but you're just not sure which software is best. You're not sure which website or platform to use to upload your course into so that when people pay for it, they can get a login to your course. Well, I got you covered because over the last five years, I grew my online course to $2 million per year. And I still really remember when I was getting started just being so frustrated and overwhelmed at all the different software options. I spent weeks, even probably months trying to figure out which software was best. And the first go around, I picked the wrong software. The second go around. I picked the wrong software. In the end, I picked the right software. I'm going to go through different choices, show you the pros and cons and let you know ultimately which one I picked and which one I believe to be best.

And by the end of this article, my goal is to have it so that you are confident in choosing which software works best for you, so...

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