Must Have Tools for Course Creators

You know what matters the most after the content of your course? Its quality. Your course content is written, your ideas are there, and you have everything ready to launch. But, cause there’s gotta be a but, you don’t know/have the required material to record, screen record, and edit on.

Well, my friend, I’m here to help. Over the last 5 years, I grew my online course to 2m per year in a small weird niche. I have always been the person wearing multiple hats: camerawoman, editor, designer, and so on. This enabled me to know what every course creator needs in terms of hardware in order to make sure their production is as qualitative as the content.

Hey there, if we haven’t met yet my name is Molly Keyser, I’m an online course expert helping people like you kick start their first online course profitably from day 1 - I put out videos like this every Tuesday so if while I’m talking you think, I want more of this, then don’t...

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