4 Things my Millionaire Friends do Daily

Growing up in a 9,000 person town in Wisconsin...one of the years where we borrowed a friends station wagon...I NEVER thought I'd be writing this post lol.

After starting a few businesses, taking online courses and joining masterminds I've learned a LOT from not only building my own 1m+ online business but also from meeting and chatting with others who have done the same.

After attending all these masterminds, dinners, travels and other fun outings I started to notice that millionaires all do the same 4 things daily.

4 things that seem like super common sense yet hardly anyone is doing them...

  1. They drink half their body weight in ounces of water daily
  2. They workout daily
  3. They meditate daily
  4. They have their day planned out down to every hr the night before

Easy right? But are you doing them all?

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