The Importance of having an Ideal Avatar for Your Business and How to do it

I asked her who her ideal client was and she said “all people ages 18-60,” if this is your ideal client too, keep on readin’ my friend…

We’re course creators because we want to help people, right? Right.

But the thing is that when you try to serve everyone, you’ll actually end up serving no one. Not always fun to hear, but who else is here for the real advice?

One of the most important pieces in marketing your message is learning to speak to one person. I like to refer to this “one person” as your ideal avatar.

You should know who they are down to their exact age, if they have kids, if they have pets, where they live, where they shop, etc. You should be able to describe them like you’re describing a friend.

Now just because your ideal avatar has an exact age doesn’t mean you’ll be turning away anyone who is not that age. It just means that your messaging will resonate far deeper, with people similar to this, and in turn turn way more of your followers into actual customers.

This will also help you majorly down the line when it comes to your copywriting, paid advertising, and any other business decisions you’ll be making down the line.

I believe this is one of the most critical pieces in business and in your course...yet so many people try to focus on the big stuff before they’ve dialed in their marketing message.

Now that you're more clear on your Ideal Customer Avatar maybe you're needing help coming up with an online course idea? Or how to get more customers into your existing online course?

I have a free PDF you can download called, "Riches are in the Niches: How to choose your profitable course topic." You can snag it for free here:


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