How to Create Your Online Course in 60 Minutes

One of my favorite things to teach in my free trainings is how to create your online course in 60 minutes.   The most common excuse people give me about why their course isn’t created yet is that they feel overwhelmed.  Which makes sense.  You have  to film it, build it, produce it, write it, and it can all seem like a daunting task.

Well, good news, I got you!

My FIRST course cost me thousands of dollars and months of time to create… I wish I had this tutorial to help me back then because it would have saved me so much!

I thought I had to build up this absolutely perfect high quality course before I could take the next steps and start enrolling students.  If you have ever watched my free training you will know that the course did not go well.

I went through and built what I thought my audience wanted.  I took polls, surveys, emailed my list asking for feedback… I painstakingly created every lesson, filmed it in the highest quality I could, and designed everything to look perfect.

Then when launch day happened… crickets.

Nobody wanted my course I had spent MONTHS creating!

Thankfully that long and expensive course failure taught me some great lessons that I was able to turn into a 2 million dollar a year course.

That lesson was that you need to start your business out as lean and profitably as possible from the start.  If you give yourself months to create your course before selling, it will take you months to create your course before you can even start making profit, if ever (Trust me, sometimes great courses just don’t sell)!  Instead, drastically cut down on the time you allot to each task.  You will be surprised at how much more effective you are when you limit how much time you can do to each task. 

Next is you want to start selling your course as soon as you have a minimum viable product.  This is important if you want your course to have an impact.  So many great courses are out there gathering dust because the creator didn’t want to sell it right away, so nobody bought it and it didn’t create any impact or change.  It might as well not even exist!

You don’t want that!

(If you want more info on how to do that I wrote about it here)

Now that you have a short timeline set and know that you are creating this course with the intention of selling it to impact others… LETS GET STARTED!

I call this my Post it Power Hour because I use post its and set an hour timer.

I know, very creative. 

So grab some post-its (or whatever you have handy, don’t let a lack of sticky pieces of paper be what stops you) and lets get started!

The framework that I use is a simple A to Z model.  A is where your ideal client is starting and Z is the result that your course will give them. 

The hardest part of this is honing into a clear result.  You need to have something clear cut that people will get out of your course.  The worst thing you can do is pick something generic like “becoming a whole woman” or “learn to be true to yourself”.  They are too vague to mean anything concrete so everyone will have a different idea of what they are supposed to be getting and you will either end up with nobody wanting your course or worse, a bunch of dissatisfied students.

So don’t skip this part because it is hard!  One clear result!

The next step is to figure out where your ideal client is starting from.  I won’t go into this too much, but make sure you have a very specific ideal client in mind.  If you have this down then you know exactly where your ideal client is starting from.  This will be “A”.

At this point you should start your hour timer!

Now start writing on the post-its every milestone between A and Z.  These are your modules.  You should have about 5-12 of these depending on what you are teaching.

Next write down every important part of each one of those modules that you need to cover.  Just a quick note of ideas that are central to each topic. Lay these ideas under the modules post-its. These are your lessons.

Your hour timer should be about done right now and you should have your entire course outline  in front of you looking something like this.

Congratulations!  You have your course created!

Naturally the next question people ask is “now what?”

Next you will want to use my kickstarting method to sell in your first round of students.  Who you will teach LIVE every week using free tools like a facebook group and paypal.  After you do this live round I have a hunch you will be wanting to redo a bit of your course based on feedback from your students… And that is OK because you aren’t going to get it perfect!

Now that you have a course that has happy customers you can move on to bigger selling methods like doing a profitable live lesson or a challenge.

If you want to learn how this fits into my whole system, check out my free training here.

I can’t wait to see what you build, and your customers can’t either!


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