How to Automate Your Social Media Posts Forever

Social media is one of my biggest business anxieties.

Can you relate?

It feels like no matter how much work you put in the BEAST STILL NEEDS TO BE FED! 

It's a never ending cycle...

...that was until I met an octopus who did it all for me.

See, I've been in business for 13 years now and I just recently discovered how to create 2 months of AUTOMATED (not just scheduled) social media posts in 2 hrs total.

Would creating and automating 2 months of social media content in 2hrs be a game changer for you?

I know it was for me. Not only in saving me time, saving me money not having to hire a social media manager but also in getting me free traffic to my offers.

Here's how it works.

Here's how I did it:

  1. Came up with 20 different topic ideas
  2. Write 20 different story based with education build in posts with 1 CTA (these can be used as posts/emails/etc)
  3. Used MeetEdgar to not just schedule, but AUTOMATE all of the posts indefinitely

Here's how Meet Edgar works:

  1. You put all your posts you created into Meet Edgars Library
  2. You select which posts you want to go to which pages/profiles
  3. You set your calendar to say which day/time you want Meet Edgar to post on which pages/profiles and auto randomly pull from which library of content

This is SO much more than just scheduling posts. Once a post is in meet edgar you never have to enter it in again unlike other social media planners.

You put your posts in once and then tell meet edgar when to post those over and over again cycling through them randomly. This gets the most bang for you buck on your hard work you spent writing each of the posts. Recycling content is KEY. Most people don't even see one post let alone ALL of your posts so being able to recycle and get your message out there is the key to success and not stressing your life away over creating NEW content constantly in the world of social media.

Now I plan to repeat this ever month or two so I can keep adding more and more content to my libraries and building up more content but even if you just followed this simple process you would have 2 months worth of automated social content for your fb, twitter, IG, linked in and more.

If you're interested in trying Meet Edgar out for yourself I've been a long time fan and so they gave me a link to share with you so you can save $10 off your monthly recurring price for the life of you being a customer with them. Go here to claim your discount:


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