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Have you been considering adding an online course to your coaching business so that you can help more people in breakthrough that income ceiling all while being able to create passive income assets, but maybe you're wondering where to get started or how to make it happen. Over the past five years, I grew my online course business to $2 million port per year in a small, weird niche. And I still remember really struggling with hitting a cap with my coaching, hitting an income ceiling with my coaching, as well as wanting to be able to have passive income and to help more people with my knowledge as well. I also remember really feeling like I was just repeating my information over and over and over. And I thought, man, if I could just package this up and record it with videos and put it into an online course, I could make so much more money and also help so many more people. 

Have you felt like that too? Well, the great news is by the end of this article, you will know exactly how to add on a course to your coaching business, what it looks like, how it can help you and how to get started with it.

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All right. So let's dive in. This is exactly what I'm about to cover. 

Number one, what is an online course? Exactly.

Number two. How would this help your coaching business?

Number three? How can you use coaching inside of your course and help people more that way at the same time? Because obviously you love coaching 

And number four, the first steps to get started adding an online course into your coaching business. 

Okay. So first things first, what exactly is an on-line course. So think of it like a workshop, if you've ever attended an in-person workshop or take in maybe an in-person class in college or something like that, it is just like that, but it is on line. So basically your students, once they purchase, they would get a username and a password they would log in and they would be able to see different sections. 

We call them modules. So basically they would be able to take module one module two, three, four, five, maybe your course has six modules, eight modules there's no right or wrong, but basically they would log in. They'd be able to watch all of the videos. Typically the course has videos and worksheets or any other helpful documents below. My courses always have videos, transcripts,, recordings, worksheets, and any kind of helpful scripts and things like that. So that's what an online course is. It's basically a way that they can pay, pay money, to get a login to a class online. They can go at it at their own pace. For me personally, I make my online courses passive so that people can take the course at any time they can come back to it at any time. It really will fit into their schedule.

I do know some people who host their courses live. So that means that they meet once a week, every week for six weeks and they teach the course live and there's coaching involved. And you can do that too. But if you're somebody who wants to add on an online course to have a passive stream of income, to break through your income ceiling, to help an unlimited amount of people, I would highly recommend recording your course and selling it as a pre-made existing course that does not involve any of your time.

All right. So how is this going to help your coaching business? 

So, like I said, if you don't already know this about me, I started out as a photographer. I had a photography business and people kept asking me Molly, how did you grow this multiple six figures? So I started coaching and while doing coaching, I quickly realized I was repeating myself over and over.  

And I thought, what if I can just put this into an online course that people could purchase, log in, take it at their own time. Not only would it help me break through my income ceiling, but it would also help me to reach and help an unlimited, quite literally an unlimited number of people. So that is how it can help your coaching business. It can help you have more freedom in your life. And I know that a lot of you guys watching this are probably like, but I love coaching and trust me, I do too. And so I want you to know you can add an online course on to your existing coaching business. So let's say someone contacts you and maybe, they're not ready to invest thousands of dollars into coaching yet. Well, maybe they can invest a few hundred into your online course or maybe, people buy your online course first. 

And then if they want to go further and they want more of your time, then they can invest in your coaching. Or maybe part of your course is that you do a weekly Q and a coaching session totally up to you, how you want to mix that up. But that is how an online course would help your coaching business. It's going to help you break through that income ceiling, create passive income and quite frankly, create a business that can run without you. Obviously it doesn't need to run without you, but like if you want to go on vacation or you're sick or something happens, you can still be bringing in money, uh, with your business, without it being a direct trade of your time for money. So kind of like what I already talked about here, but number three is how you can use coaching inside of your course. 

So again, you could simply sell people into your course and then say, Hey, look, if you want specific help from me, you can pay X amount for coaching with me, or you can offer a course and coaching, or you can say, Hey, included in my course is every week I do a group Q and a coaching session, or maybe everyone that purchases, they get one coaching call to kickstart with you. It's your course, it's your baby. And you can really make up the rules here. As far as how much, you want to make this a coaching course highbred or if you want to just have a course and coaching personally, I would recommend to have coaching and a course, uh, separate, but again, it's your business. You can do what you want. So I kind of wanted to share a little bit about that. 

All right. So the first steps in getting started creating your course is to first start to really think about what is it that you want your course to actually be on. Now, I can tell you the more specific you can get with the topic and the more specific you can get with the actual results, you're going to get people from the course, the better your course is going to be. And the more people you're going to attract into your course. So I recommend creating a list of different topics that you enjoy, things that people may be like to learn from you, and really start to brainstorm and create that list around, what could your course topic be? And the next thing you want to do is start to research and see, is there already a course out there on my topic selling? 

Now you might be thinking it's actually a bad thing. If somebody is already teaching your course. But in fact, it's actually a great thing. If there is already somebody out there on your topic teaching it, that's selling because that proves to you that your course idea is profitable. Now, can your course be profitable, whether your idea has been done before or your ideas in a unique niche? Yes, it can be profitable either way, but it's going to be a lot easier. If you choose a topic that's already proven to sell and proven to be profitable, and you're going to be able to stand out and be different from that competitor because you are unique, your story is unique, and you're going to infuse that into your marketing. And your course, it's just like coaching. There's a million coaches out there, but people want to coach with you because of you, your story of who you are and courses are no different than that. 

Now next, you're going to want to learn how to build a curriculum, how to build a following for your course and how to enroll your students. And I have great news for you. I have a free online workshop coming up soon, uh, just for you and I run this workshop a lot. So if you're reading this article right when it comes out or you're reading it even a year plus from now, go and head to this link, you can register for the free online workshop. And you're going to be able to learn how to choose that profitable course idea. How to know if it will be profitable, how to build out your curriculum, how to grow a following and how to actually make sales for your course. 



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