Top 5 Mistakes to Not Make as a Course Creator

Creating a course is such a beautiful thing. It creates a long lasting impact on  the world  and on the niche you are serving. However, have you ever wondered what mistakes course creators make? Or what you could do to prevent these mistakes from happening? 

Well, my friend, I’m here to help. Over the last 5 years, I grew my online course to 2m per year in a small weird niche, and I also helped hundreds  of people grow their own course. And I have seen countless mistakes people made that I don’t want YOU to fall into.


Hey there, if we haven’t met yet my name is Molly Keyser, I’m an online course expert helping people like you kick start their first online course profitably from day 1 - I put out videos like this every Tuesday so if while I’m talking you think, I want more of this, then don’t forget to join the fam by hitting that subscribe button below - and hit the like button. if you’re in the very first stage process of your course creation, or have already started your journey. This video will show you in my opinion what are the top 5 mistakes that a lot of course creators make throughout their journey.

  1. Not caring about your audience

Your audience is everything, without it you’re practically nobody. I notice that a lot of course creators don’t listen to their audience needs. When you publish your very first course, or your first draft of the course, if you notice that your audience is not reacting the way you expected them to, you shouldn’t be too proud and not listen to them. The most valuable information is feedback, especially if you just started. Therefore, I suggest that you hold info sessions, feedback sessions with your audience to make sure that they’re getting exactly what they would expect from a course like yours. This will enable you to retain them for longer and improve your content.

And if you don’t have an audience yet keep this in mind as you start to grow one.

  1. Heavy course

Unless your course is teaching a very hard skill your course shouldn’t require your clients to drop everything in their life to commit to it. Not everyone can afford to commit 12 weeks and 20hours a week to follow your course. People enjoy  roadmap courses with a clear result in as little time as possible so much more. Provide them with a quick way to learn useful skills without getting bogged down in non-essential information. For those who want more, you can always add  another offer later which will move people up your business “offer ladder.”

  1. Postponing your launch 

You know what I hate about the word “perfect”? Its definition is subjective and inefficient. A lot of course creators keep postponing their launch until it’s “perfect” and spend countless hours improving their courses instead of focusing on other aspects of the business such as: social media, landing page, funnels etc… There is a slow marginal return on focusing on making your course perfect while trading-off other tools that will bring you the customers, which you actually need. I understand that you want your course to be amazing, and it is important, but it will never be perfect in your eyes because we, as humans, always strive for more. Publishing your course and focusing on getting students, will enable you to make it even more perfect for the v2 through the feedback that I mentioned in the beginning of the video.

  1. Doing it all yourself

I understand, it can seem easier to just do it all ourselves. However, trying to do it all yourself is the road to burnout. I myself have worn  multiple hats in the past, but the opportunity cost of doing everything yourself is higher than allocating tasks to contractors or virtual assistants if you can afford to do so. By allocating tasks to others, it gives you more time to forward plan on your business, find more opportunities, and scale your business so you don’t have to work as much as you used to at the beginning.

  1. Overpricing vs Underpricing

This is a major issue that a lot of course creators face.It's difficult to strike the right balance, particularly when dealing with a competitive market. Your courses can be undervalued if you price them too low, and you may attract the wrong students. Or people may not spend or afford them if they are pitched too high. I actually made a whole video tackling this topic where I shared the best practice on how much you should price your course at. The link will be in the description.


...and there you have it, the top 5 mistakes you should not make as a course creator. I hope that helps and I will make sure to list every link in the description. Now you may be wanting to learn how to come up with a profitable online course idea, or how to know if your idea will be profitable or how to create your online course or how to get your course selling and enrolling students so you can help others...I will be answering and teaching all of that and more in my upcoming free workshop which you can register for here  

You’ll learn:

  • How to find your profitable course idea and ensure it’ll be profitable
  • How to create your course curriculum in 60 mins or less
  • How to build your following from scratch and enroll in your dream students

See you there!



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