Rose Guthrie: How to use Pinterest For Your Business!

business pinterest seo Nov 16, 2020

Rose is a digital marketing strategists that helps businesses get seen, heard and profitable by using digital marketing. She does this all whilst raising 3 small children single handedly in London, UK.

You can find out more about Rose at her website:

Show Notes:

This was a particularly tactic heavy show and I'm very excited for you to start implementing.  Rose is a SEO and Pinterest expert and the lays out a solid strategy to get started driving traffic for your business. 

So without further ado, here are the show highlights:

1:37 How Rose took advantage of adversity to start her online business and started learning to make money for herself. 

4:01 Rose's strategy if she just had $500 to start working with Pinterest.  She lays out that she would use keyword research to find out what keywords you should actually run ads for.  She also goes through why she would use a funnel instead of just direct links to your website.

6:41 How you should actually use Pinterest if you want to get a good ROI.

First you need to find out what content works with pinterest by doing competitor and keyword research.  Look through keywords that pertain to yoru business and find ones that have a lot of hits... but not too many!  You don't want to be drowned out. If you don't have any hits, she lays out some strategies to get indirect keywords so people can find you in unconventional ways.   She also lays out her strategy for setting up your profile and how to setup your boards to maximize your content's visibility.

10:04 I ask Rose what the ideal ratio of your pins and other's pins should be on your boards... And find out I am a bit behind in my pinterest strategy!

13:27 Rose's "One Thing" with pinterest is simple.  Be consistent for 3-6 months and pin good content.  She also talks about how to pick a scheduler and avoid some common pitfalls with that type of software. 


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