Rosanna Beradi, The High Wire Woman


Rosanna is the managing partner of Berardi Immigration Law is now a multi-million dollar company that helps companies navigate the employment-based immigration system and foreign professionals achieve the American dream.

Berardi Immigration Law is one of the few immigration law firms in the country to hold both federal and New York state certifications as a woman-owned business enterprise.

Rosanna also recently (as in this month) launched her second business, High Wire Woman, which is a passion project for her. At High Wire woman, she helps high-profile working women create a blueprint to live their lives in a simpler way and take back their most precious commodity: their time. She incorporates all the knowledge she has built over the years as a busy lawyer, wife, mom and entrepreneur to help other women find solutions customized to their lives. Rosanna has lots of interview experience and has been featured in The LA Times, Huffington Post, Forbes and Bustle among other outlets and has been a dynamic guest on ABC, CBS and NBC television affiliates and talk radio.

In this Episode Rosanna talks to Molly about:

  • Walking the "High Wire" in balancing business and personal life
  • How starting her own business and leaving the beaten path has changed her life
  • The benefits of learning how to do everything in your business
  • How she went from starting out with just one client to providing services to the highest profile clients.

Learn more about her at her website:


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