Must Have Apps for Course Creators

Now that you learned in the last video  the equipment you need to start a course. A good camera, a good microphone, a nice computer. You may be wondering, what do I need in order to add this up together in order to finally launch my course?

Well, my friend, I’m here to help. Over the last 5 years, I grew my online course to 2m per year in a small weird niche. I have always been the person wearing multiple hats: camerawoman, editor, designer, and so on. This allowed me to know what every course creator needs in terms of software in order to make sure his production is as qualitative as his content is.

Hey there, if we haven’t met yet my name is Molly Keyser, I’m an online course expert helping people like you kick start their first online course profitably from day 1 - I put out videos like this every Tuesday so if while I’m talking you think, I want more of this, then don’t forget to join the fam by hitting that subscribe button below - and hit the like button. If you're in the very first stages of your course creation but you’re not sure which software you need in order to qualitatively edit, design, and launch your course, then I got you.

I’ve totally been there and had to learn all of this as a do it all type of person and that’s what I’m about to unpack in 4 steps...which are...

  1. Editing

Editing is a very important part of your journey. Whether you’re editing part of your course or a video you’ll be posting on social media, you really need a good editing tool that can help you trim, cut, and reduce the size of your files.

I will be talking about two major software for both my mac and windows people.


iMovie is a video editing software developed by Apple for MacOs and iOS. Apple recognizes that not everyone who creates videos is a video editor or tech savvy. Some people have little experience or expertise, and others only know the fundamentals. As a result, iMovie is a video editing app that can be used by regular people while still producing high-quality videos. A clip can be created from the ground up or the user can choose from a variety of available themes and models, which they can then modify to fit their preferences and needs. All of the resources you'll need to make amazing videos are in the framework, and they're easy to find and use.

For windows, it’s really complicated to find a free video editing software that is similar to iMovie. However, I won’t let you down. Movavi is a really great alternative.

Movavi Video Editor: Movavi designed their video editing program with the user in mind, so it can be used by anyone, whether it's a kid working on a school project or a newbie looking to tip their toes into the waters of video. The interface is very simple, user friendly, and is very intuitive for first time users.

  1. Designing

Now that you finished editing your video/course. You may want to start thinking about the aesthetics of your thumbnails, PDF worksheets , etc… It is a very important aspect of the whole operation because not only it will attract customers if your designs are friendly, it can also dissuade people from even watching your content. This is why investing in a good design is important.

I will recommend that you  use Canva

Canva is a comprehensive design platform for those who aren't professional designers. Most people think of it as a picture editing software, but it's so much more. Anything from printables to PDFs to invoices to flyers to infographics to websites can be designed.

All designs that you see on my page are made with Canva. This shows how much I really value this tool

  1. Where to publish? 

Now that you have your course recorded, edited, and your materials are designed. The big question is: Where should I publish all of this? Is there a platform that can host my course? And the answer is: YES!

But first what is an online course platform? Commonly referred to as LMS (Learning Management Systems). They are a type of online course platform that allows you to easily develop and manage learning programs. These tools assist you in creating multimedia lectures that include video, text, PDF, and audio files. And surprise, we actually dedicated a whole video on the topic: You will find the link in the description. I mentioned the major course platforms and I gave you my personal favourite (No spoilers here)

  1. Social Media Tips

Now that the walls are built, the only thing left is painting them. Promotion and social media are the bridge from you to your potential customers.

I suggest the following tools in order for you to stay on top of your social media and promotion game.

Use a scheduler: It’s very important to schedule your posts in order for you to know that they’re going live automatically without needing you to remember when to post them. I personally use MeetEdgar, which is great and helps me saves a lot of time throughout my day, but there are other tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer that you can look into

Hashtags: Hashtags are very important and you should spend a good amount of time researching what hashtags are performing well in your niche. A good tool is RiteTag. It is a tool that gives you hashtag suggestions, and hashtags that are performing well in your area of interest.

Daily content: I think uploading content on a daily basis is very important. It makes you engaged with your audience. Which is very important to convert them into a sales pipeline. If they see you daily uploading content on Instagram, making stories, doing Q&A. They will feel much closer to you than if you post once in a blue moon.


...and there you have it, the software you need to start your online course. I hope that helps and I will make sure to list every link in the description. Now you may be wanting to learn how to come up with a profitable online course idea, or how to know if your idea will be profitable or how to create your online course or how to get your course selling and enrolling students so you can help others...I will be answering and teaching all of that and more in my upcoming free workshop which you can register for here  

You’ll learn:

  • How to find your profitable course idea and ensure it’ll be profitable
  • How to create your course curriculum in 60 mins or less
  • How to build your following from scratch and enroll in your dream students

See you there!



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