Krista Mashore: How to Push Yourself to be the Person You Want to Be

business mindset Nov 06, 2020

Krista Mashore is a motivational speaker and the author of three best selling books which all focus on business development, digital marketing and becoming an authority in your profession.

And after building up her own coaching company from zero to a $7.4 million in 25 months , she is known as the Digital Marketing Queen. Krista now coaches professionals throughout the U.S. on cutting edge digital marketing strategies. She teaches people to quickly become a go-to authority in their industry.

Krista is the Recipient of 4 Prestigious 2-Comna Club awards which means that she generated over $1 million from one single
Marketing funnel.

Krista Mashore is the CEO of two multimillion-dollar companies.

Show Notes:

2:40 How Krista got Started.  Her journey from Juvie to turning herself into the person that she wanted to be. 

11:00 How to bounce back and deal with your worst case scenario.  Krista tells me about a recent setback that shook her business to its core, and how she used it as a learning experience and turned it around into a strength. 

15:40 What is your biggest lesson people can take away?

19:30 What everyone who runs a business needs to understand.  The importance of failing forward and make sure you learn lessons as you go. 

23:35 Krista's biggest takeaway is how to become the master of your day using six simple steps. 

30:10 How to utilize video to grow your know like and trust factor. 


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