Audria Richmond: Unclone Your Marketing!

This week I interviewed the one and only Audrina Richmond.  This is such an awesome interview and I'm super excited to share it with you!

For those of you who don't know Audria Richmond, she is a Marketing and Launch Strategist who challenges just about every marketing rule ever written and replacing them with her own.  With her formula of incomparable business strategy, unquenchable creativity, and tech-savviness she is a force to be reckoned with.

She is the author of three books, UnCloned Marketing, Are You Ready for the Yes?, and Uncloned Life.

Unfortunately the video had an issue this week so it is an audio only podcast.

Show Notes:

1:30 How Audrina got started by being a photographer and graphic designer.  Then she decided to move to the next level and kept building more and more businesses hoping together they would grow into something big.  But then she found a common problem amongst all of them and decided to become the foremost expert at solving that problem.  Marketing.


3:40 How she started selling her book and her unique value stack marketing campaign.

5:50 Her idea generation system and Audria's best tips for generating UNIQUE marketing ideas for your business that will make you stand out from all the clones around you.

9:10 How she uses her own book to come up with queestions to ask herself when brainstorming a new marketing campaign.

14:00 What her current revenue generation looks like and the power of simplicity. 

17:18 How to diagnose a product that isn't selling.  The first question to ask is "is it any good?".

19:30 How she laser focuses on dominating a few platforms so that she can master them and the dangers of always chasing whats new.


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