Amber Aziza: Building a Diverse and Inclusive Business Culture

Amber Aziza, Founder and CEO of AAE Corporation which houses multiple subsidiaries, has made it her life's work to provide innovative organizations with expert solutions. Through her company, AAE Corporation, Amber and her team serve clients all around the world, from start-ups to multi-billion dollar Enterprises. AAE Corporation houses the following organizations:

Recruit AId Agency
Make Your Worth Mastermind
5 Figure Speech Academy

A 5-time award-winning Certified Master Trainer and Speaker, Amber speaks to audiences worldwide about Multi-generational Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, and Business Acceleration. She currently splits her time between Nashville, TN and London, UK.

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Show Notes:

1:08 How Amber started her business.  She looked at her corporate job she was working at and realized her own potential... Then took full advantage!

3:03 Getting started with diversity and inclusion in your own business.  Amber's method to use introspection and awareness to build a better team.

6:20 Where to go next?  Amber tells me about her favorite way to move you and your team forward when it comes to building upon your work on diversifying.

8:37 Amber tells me her first steps for an action plan

12:20 Some tips and tricks on building your first team.  Where to look for the best candidates and how to make sure you are attracting the best and brightest candidates possible!

14:50 Diversity and Inclusion in your marketing and messaging.  How not to come across as pandering.

19:14 Next steps on being transparent with your customers.

25:12 Amber's One thing to take your business forward!

27:00 How to reach out and get help with building Diversity and Inclusion in your business.


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